Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Been a while since I've posted. Got the crud last week and have been hacking 'Lung Cookies' ever since. Just have felt like crap! Had the day off new front door finally here, and decided to just go for it. Sixty-five minutes in Williams. Not as much water as 2 weeks ago but still lots for this time of the year. Whoever wants to see it better get on it. water will soon be gone.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Last weeks jogging was all over the place. Not physically but injurywise. Sunday was a good run Monday and Tuesday were good Thursday off(planned) Friday I was just beatup. Saturday no run. Sunday was awesome. I took the dogs up Williams to Waldo the over to Ute and back to the car. Where 2 weeks ago on my first real long run I really only ran about 2/3 This time I ran almost the whole way. And felt decent. Not good but....Am I getting in shape. Well round is a shape! Barely did anything at all the rest of the day. And last night my hip was so bad I didn't sleep much. I didn't take any vitamin I and suffered for it. Today is off maybe a walk or bike. Tommorrow I'll run 45 minutes up Williams then turn around. The weather calls for a high of 56 and snow/rain mix. It is June afterall!