Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Full

And that ain't my belly! The days are just packed with stuff to do. Building some new stuff for the store and painting windows in the house plus all the other shit I have to do. I'd better get up early and get some exercise.
Had a good run yesterday ~50 minutes thru Red Rocks. I found a new short cut to the trail from the house. It's a much steeper climb up the backside of Crystal Hills. Oh boy a steeper hill; what the hell am I thinking? The short cut makes a 65 minute run about 50. And till I really get fit I guess I'll have to climb. Ran again tonight just a 30 mnute recovery jog. I still sweated! So it musta been a workout. This weeks goal is every day! And No Wheat! (lucky peanut M & M's are gluten free)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Springtime

The snow is gone and it'll be 60 when I jog sometime soon. The trails are a bit muddy and I just got a new pair of NB 904s. Better get them broke in and muddy. The hills still have a bunch of snow. Actually thought about snowboarding today but a 63 hour work week just killed my old fat ass. I'll not do that this week!!! I think a run thru Red Rocks is on the docket! Later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time flies

Think I've won the war with the woodpecker. But then again there is snow on the ground and no birds in the air. We'll see.
Didn't get a chance to jog yesterday. DAMN. Was gonna last night but due to things beyond my realm of control I didn't get home till after 9:15. A freaking 12.5 hour workday. I do love my job but I also love the fantasy I have about having a personal life. I also ate like crap yesterday,lots of wheat, and now feel like said food from yesterday. I just hope it does it's job soon and makes a turd. We are expecting a big snow storm today. We need it badly. Right now there is just a dusting of white stuff and the sun is peaking thru some scattered clouds. Hope we get a bunch of the white stuff.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John vs Woody(pecker)

Couple weeks ago I heard a faint hammering in the nieghborhood. Turns out a woodpecker was making a hole in the siding above my garage. Another thing breaking into my house. But I may be able to control this thing. I blocked the hole with more wood; that lasted 2 days. Then I saw a program about rat control. Wire mesh now covers the area surrounding the hole. Been 3 days and no sign of the bird. Victory!??
Speaking of breakins here are the humans(?) that stole my stuff

Running is going good. Easy days and hard days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Haven't posted in a bit, I know it's been bugging you. Works been busy and with no computer at home well........Been getting in the workouts since Sunday. Nothing to write mom about (Oh she coulldn't read the anyway) A walk and run aday. I've been stretching my hamstrings a bunch and that always makes my back feel so much better. So much for the fitness or lack of in my life.
On the home front; I may find out Friday what the Insurance company may give us. My neighbors sold their very small house in a day for a lot more money than I thought they would get. value is $285,000 and they got $368,000. Good for me and our house value. Location location. Oh another home front I've been hearing hammering during the late morning. A freaking woodpecker(head) has bored a 6" hole into my attic. I gotta replace that siding now. Lots of $hit to do. I'd better get on it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Summer; NOT.

Colorado has been seeing near record high temps. Great for the jogging; horrible for the boarding. Last week everything caught up to me. I was real sore from the 6 miles on Sunday followed by 5 miles and 4 miles. Wednesday I ran outside with some people I coach and it was pure hell. The lack of moisture and dust flying around made me wheeze like a smoker on a transAtlantic flight. Inside I don't have that problem much less dust.
Sunday was the"G"s 47th b-day. (and just last week she won a race overall!!). She requested a weekend up at the condo skiing. We had a great time. Quads were a bit sore on Mondays run but not too horrible. The big thing is the bruize on my fat ass. I fell twice coming off the lift because of the same stupid people. The first time I fell I told these resort employees they should move further from the lift. The second time I fell on my binding and hard. Nice purple spot. I'll see if i can post a pic. Didn't really effect my running but what will it cause too hurt later?