Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Damn! Again

So I ride the bike for 25 minutes last night. Good for 55 minutes of excersize for the day. So this a.m. I walked for 10 minutes and decided to test out the calf. 2 minutes on @ 5.7 mph and 1 minute walk @ 3.5 mph. First time good. Second time good #3 calf went again. Hurts like hell and I can barely walk. Iced for 20 minutes. Damn!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Back to it.

I've decided that I will do a 30-45 minute walk on the treadmill 5x's a week just to add some more activity. I never work my HR at 85-90 bpm so it can't hurt. That should be in a good fat burning zone for me and I got fat to burn. It's easy enough that I can watch the news and get up-to-date with what's going on in the world. Like Bush has some quick reactions! Good thing those shoes weren't Nike Air as like substances repel one another. To much dead space between Bush's ears. Gonna either run for 20 minutes tonight to check my calve out or sit on the bike for a while. Hell I may do both.

Friday, December 12, 2008

what's important in life

Back in the early days of my youth, there was usually only one thing on my mind. With hormones raging, girls and the things you do with girls was the most important thing!!
But I aged and got wiser(?). I went months hell, years without girfriends. No girlfriend; I was a card carrying member of the "Sex without partners" club. I realised you CAN live without sex.
I found the plearsures in things that really matter to survival. What is it that proves you are alive? What do you do that you can't live without. If you didn't do this one thing would it kill you?
There is that one thing now that is mandatory and gives such great pleasure I do it 2, 3 4 times a day. In my youth I woulda had sex that much if I had a willng partner. Now I don't think about sex that much. I think about doing that thing I just can't live without it! And neither can you. So what is this thing that is more important than sex. What can you do daily that is proof you're alive? Ask me later I gotta go enjoy taking a crap!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gonna try

Today is a BIG day. The CRC Holiday party is tonight. Hope you come. So I'm up early to give a short walk on the treadmill a try. My calf felt good all day yesterday but tightened a bit over night. I hope the coffee will loosen it up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Just a couple of damns.
Don't you hate it when your computer starts updating when you 're in the middle of doing stuff. I can never tell what the updates are for or what they do except to mess me up.
Damn #2
I was really trying to be careful. But after the run with the 'fast folks' my achillies was tender. So a couple days off and no biggie. Then last Thursday I was running very slow on the mill when I felt my calf tighten abit. Immediately I hit the stop button. BUT as I was slowing down my calf went. Hurts to walk and push on the gas pedal. Doesn't hurt too much on the bike so that's where I'm at these days.
Went snowboarding last weekend. Didn't hurt I'm so glad but walking around in those boots after set me back a bit. Oh well.
Had a nice dinner with the PPRR old and new board mmbers. Glad some new life will be injected into that group. Talking training with some of the newer runners/board members there is so much knowlege about training but so little reasons why. We old guys/gals need to pass on our knowledge to the youngsters. It was so simple back then. Run a lot; race a lot and go fast. And do it while you are young. Damn I'm old.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just for JT

Actually it was not technically during a run, but at the very beginning of the Incline Club run yesterday. What irks me is runners who take their own sweet time while taking a crap. There I was waiting to explode in the men's bathroom at Manitou city hall and this guy is just all bowed up. You know shit or get off the pot. Don't sit there waiting for something to happen. I'm pacing around trying not to shit myself and this guy is singing show tunes hoping to work up the nerve to crap in a public place. I heard the womens door open and close 4 or 5 times during his tenure on the crapper. Hell we know women take their time when going #2. Finally I knock on the womens door and noone screams so I go in and do my business wham bam flush. This guy still hasn't come out yet. I tell you!
But the funniest thing I have seen in that bathroom, besides my own lack of real manhood, was a homeless guy dyeing his hair in the bathroom sink. Hate that gray wash it away!
The run was good yesterday as I was about 35 lbs lighter after I took that dump.
Thanks for asking