Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imogene Pass Survival run

Well that was fun! Ran as usual no real taper, you have to be training to do that, just took Thursday off but had a good rest of the week. Cindy was much more into my running than I was. What outfit, how many gels, water ect????......Her concern was nice. But I had a plan and was sticking to it. I knew I would be walking a bunch at higher altitude so taking it real easy early would be key. I was hoping to run into one of my freinds who has run this many times as her pace would be honest for me. This is a course where you can legally take short cuts. And I planned to use every short cut. They are steeper than the longer way but they would also make me walk a bit early. After .25 miles of flat the course starts uphill. Took the 2 short cuts and yes they were faster. Saw my freind right after 1 mile and ran chatted with her for the next few miles. She was hurting and I made her run a few sections she would've walked. Things like let's run to that tree; to that big rock. I took pictures along the way as this race is beautiful. (Pikes Peak is also but this area is like a little Switzerland) After 5 miles I left her and saw another freind (coworker of Cindy) who was running his first real race in a while. Cindy had told me his goal was to beat me, HA. He had seen me run the time I bonked on Pikes Peak from no gels. But he's a great guy so I encouraged him as I went by and we ran a bit together. He'd catch up when I stopped to click photos. After 7 miles it gets real steep and rocky and loose. I had to walk/ jog this section. Another mile up and it was all walking. I don't do well at altitude and this is over 13,000' . The plan was walk 100 steps fast ;stop catch breath repeat. I passed a bunch of people doing this and was well within myself at the top.I waited to snap a few photos of my freinds at the top~ 3 minutes gave high fives and headed down the 7 miles to Telluride. I didn't fall!! Saw one poor girl superman fall 100 meters from the pavement. The down is brutal on the quads. I finished and that is that.