Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something NEW

Jogged up to the track yesterday. Nothing really planned. It has just been 2-3 years since I tried to turn my legs over faster than 10 minute pace. The trails and vertical really tend to shorten your stride. I wore a pair of light weight trainers. That's another first in a long time. I have been wearing Hoka One One shoes for shock absorption on hip and back. You have to remember I'll turn 60 in 2013. So just keeping moving is the goal.  I ended up just doing a few strides to try and remember how to move. Nothing blazing fast but some stuff under 7. I was concerned about hpow I would feel last night and this morning but so far nothing out of the ordinary. I'll see how I feel and perhaps start adding strides after most runs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


More snow on Pikes Peak this week than all of December and January. That will lessen the fire danger a little. The dogs have been getting me up early, 5:30. If I were a morning type person I'd go run. But I've logged too many miles before dawn in my life. I now need coffee and the bathroom before I head out. PM jogging is much more pleasurable.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I can't believe the last 10K at London today, 31:30. FOR THE WINNING WOMAN. That time would win most road 10K overall! Men and women. This level of dedication to run fast is un matched. I can remember usually beating the lead woman in most of my races. But WOW.
 When you are trying to race as fast as possible the work must be done. Day in Day out no days off. A day off is a 6-10 mile day of easy running. Oh but you have to do your strides after the run. These racers may have gone out this afternoon for a run just to loosen up. Tomorrow will be an easy hour and then maybe that for the rest of the week. But if they came thru healthy they will be back at it in 2 weeks. That is the work it takes. Been there done that. St George Marathon is on Saturday and I remember almost racing 10 miles on Monday. I only got in 90 miles the week after. Then it was back to 105-115 miles a week. And I was just a hack runner back in the '80s. There are no short cuts for running. You must work to improve. If that is your goal. Thankfully I'm still just a hack jogger now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dog seed works

It wil be a while until Panda 3 can run with us during a workout but she sure runs all over now. She's learning to walk nicely on the leash. Never to early to start. My running this past week was okay. Got in 16+ miles and looking for a 20 mile week this week. Allergies have still been making life miserable but blowing thru it okay.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Just a typical week for me at work and running. The plan of 28-20 turns into 13. 13 is infinitely
better than zero so I'll take it. Yesterday Easter Sunday I ran some newer trails in the Garden. It was refreshing to run something different. It was the best feeling run I've had in a while. I think I'll do that route more often. The real news is Eddie Baxter completes the Incline Marathon. That is 13X up and down the Incline. His time of 13:15ish is also impressive given he took a 45 minute nap before trip 9. Let's see how the youngsters do next weekend.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Honk, honk!

The early warm weather is killing me. My allergies have not been this bad since I lived in another state which will not be named. And being the physical specimen I am; I can't take allergy medication. It wires the hell out of me and makes me jittery for days. No please make me drowsy. So the running was ~ 13 miles for the week. Less than a former one day total back in the day.
The big news around the house is the new pup, P3 or cube for short. She is a good girl so far letting us sleep thru the night. She and PJ have been playing up a snow storm and every now and then PJ must show her who is Alpha. That's when the yelping starts and goes on for a few minutes. But all in all things are going well on that end. My end is just staying BIG.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't F with CRC

the last week was good. Running probably 17 miles but I'll take it because the freaking pollen has been killing me. Didn't sleep 2 night because I could breathe. The Afrin, nettie pot and alleve got me thru the rest of the week. Running clears my nose up but when you want to stab your eyes with an ice pick it's hard to want to run. It's scary that it's March and my neighbors flowering plum tree is blooming. This summer may be a Beavus and Butthead re-run of 'FIRE'!

The North Colorado Running Company caught a crook Tuesday night. The ass-hole had written $400 worth of bad checks to the Tejon CRC. I did a Google search and found he had outstanding warrants in Pueblo. After trying to call him; I looked up his purchases in our 'Rewards Program'.
I sent him a email letting him know he had hit the rewards cap and to come in to claim them. Emailed the staff with his picture and warned them about what to do. So the idiot shows up with his wife(?). Rachel calls the cops. She is the real hero here. Takes the cops 45 minutes to show but she keeps them entertained. Not that it was that hard they were very stoned. Cops come arrest him but can do nothing for her. She gets in her car to leave and it runs out of gas in the freaking parking lot. She walk in King Soopers. I get the idea to go tell them not to take her check. When I see her she has on the shoes that were purchased with the bad check (account closed). Me "I want my shoes" Her "What" Me "You purchased those with a bad check, give me my shoes" Her " Then I'll have to walk barefoot" Me "SO" and off come the shoes. Can't sell them but we may frame his picture and copies of the bad checks and hang the shoes under them. The arresting cop had the line of the night. " in this neighborhood if it looks like shit and smells like shit; it is! Call us."