Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mothers Day comes early

Run Like a Mother, RLAM, book signing was last night at The Colorado Running Company. I have not seen that many strollers since....????? never. It was inspiring seeing and talking to all the Moms who know what is important. Some of the Moms could even understand my 'John Speak' which was a plus! What is most important to a Mom is that/those children! What is important to those children is the Mom! These Moms realise that if they are not active and healthy they are not around for their children. Children want Moms. Case in point my Mom.
Every year she would ask us kids what we wanted for Christmas. The answer Mom quit smoking; we want you around. With a giggle she would ask again what did we want. Well Mom died of cancer. And I miss her. Keep healthy and active Moms. Be around to see your kid become what he/she wants to be. And you know some Moms who need the push. Push Hard for the Children.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Springtime MAYBE

Haven't blogged much the past 2 weeks because there weren't much to blog about. My low back has been hurting and there hasn't been too much in the way of running. Good news is I've forgone the wheat out of my diet and the breathing is much improved. Now I just gotta get the damn low back to feel better.
Today I ran 42 minutes in the Garden. A bit chilly but NO WIND and the ytrails are in perfect shape. Lots of people out there enjoying the weather and scenery. I can't believe the intelligence level of some of these folks. I had to run behind 2 older ladies on horses with 5 dogs running of the leash. They seemed surprized when I past them, with PJ on leash, and asked them to please control their dogs. PJ is aggressive and I didn't want them to fall of their horses when she attacked an un-minded dog. Then I thought wait it would be MY fault for having my dog on a leash while their dog "just wanted to say hi" and their horse threw them to the ground. I'm sure Mark W saw that accident waiting to happen. Oh well.
The plan is to run 30-45 minutes 6 days this week and see what the back does. I just have to take time for myself away from work so I can get healthy. These 6 day/60+ hour work weeks are not doing me any good. So if you come in to see me and I ain't there be glad for me!