Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter could be here

It is and has been up in the mountains. This is the first Sunday I haven't been on my snowboard. I'm sorry but I beat myself up too much last weekend. Even a week later I'm only at about 75%. My lead leg and hip are just really banged up. Thursday i was able to walk/jog for 2.5 miles. Same with Friday and Saturday. Sunday the 'G', pups and I went jogging over to rainbow (graffitti) falls. We did 3/1 on the uphill way there and just had fun on the way back. The 3/1 were telephone poles. So the poles were random distances. HEY it worked.
I'm sitting in my chair watching clouds rollover the Peak and hearing the 80 mph gusting winds. This has been a strange winter so far. No real snow or cold weather. Has global warming changed to just global change?
After the boarding last Sunday we stayed up and saw Weezer in concert. Having not paid any attention to them I was surprised at how much I liked them. The warm up band was even better. They just played a bunch of Led Zeplin I and II. 'G' is always amazed I can remember all the words to songs I haven't heard in 30+ years. But in high school I didn't watch TV; I just listened to music while playing pool. Need to do more of that.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate the internet

Well maybe just my provider or maybe just my laptop. Many times I have written a post and cannot publish it because my service has been interupted. And I can't seem to be able to post from my i-pad. Now I am computer illiterate but come on. On the fittness front all is well as in almost ZERO. I will try and get in something tonight but it will be no more than 45 minutes. I'm staying away from wheat products so my breathing is improved. Now I just need to not be so sore from snowboarding so I can work out.