Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer is here.

Started my run late today ~ 9:30. Took 2 bottles and gels with me. The H2O was gone in the first hour. I did this same run Tuesday in cool weather without H2O and was fine. Today the HR was 10-15 beats higher than Tuesday. The heat just crushed me. Good thing I let the pups stay home. They would've almost died. Saw Kelly as I was just about to the trailhead and she said it's a hundred degrees out here. Not quite but 82 is hot for us.
Looking to get out earlier this week.
LT 100 was this weekend. Their website sucks ass. It's NOT all about Lance. Update your freaking site for the run. But word is Tony was on CR pace but cramped and dropped. JT had Safai carry him to the finish in 23 hours and then again in 24 hours, Brooks looks like he finished can't find anything else. Did I mention how bad their site is!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Been busy! last weel was PPA/PPM. The race; the expo; the drinking and a bit of running.
The 'G' did great 3rd woman 31st overall to the top. She keeps just cranking out the results at her favorite race. In 14 tries she has never been out of the top 8.
I've been getting in some running myself. Was gonna go real long today but ate something bad for breakfast and only went 90 minutes. Did I say only? It is getting to be the best time of the year in Colorado. Get your as$ out and enjoy!