Monday, December 28, 2009

And if it tastes good, spit it out.

Another qoute from Jack LaLanne. I'm not sure if I agree with it but hell the man is 95 years old. He opened his first health club in 1936 at age 21. He is a hell of a character!
I'm at work ordering stuff for The Colorado Running Company. I ran the ~ 3 miles from Motor City after dropping off my car. It was 12F and I was wearing my bank robber mask to keep my lungs warm. You shoulda seen the looks on faces when I had to stop and drop a duece at the Toyota dealer. If I didn't run to work I maynot have been able to find the time for a run. But with goals you must be flexible and just get in the time. 2 days into the week and I'm 1/3 of the way to this weeks goal.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And so it begins

Today is the start of my running goal for 2010. Two miles on the treadmill only 13 needed for the rest of the week. I averaged that total a day for ~ 10 years. Should be easy. Monday am I need to drop my car at the dealer for some quick work. I'll run to work from there should be about 4 miles. Then back up to the condo to spend some time with Cindy and PJ. And hoop on the snowboard. Back to work Wednesday for 2 days then back up. Now you know why I wanted to spend winter on the low end of my mileage. Speaking of driving coming down Wilkerson Pass on Christmas night I had to stop for a herd of about 100 elk. They were just standing in the road. I sat stopped for about 5 minutes waiting for them to cross the road. It was really cool seeing so many!
And now a quote from Jack LaLanne age 95
"A lot of people talk about the god old days. Bullshit! The good old days are right this second."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sock Lady

If you want to buy or sell socks to CRC talk to our new sock expert, Maddy.
She is Queen of the sock wall. If you are selling socks be prepared to come to the store and stock your brand! Maddy is one tough sock queen.

Those EYES

How could I not!!!!
Panda our 10+ year old border collie just loves to run. Can't tell you how many times she has been Cindy's training buddy during Cindy's 3 wins and never out of the top 7 at Pikes Peak Ascent. But now she has a bad hip/knee. But she knows when the running shoes get tied it's time to go. Last week I took her out for a flat 5 mile jog. She couldn't get up the 3 stairs to our bedroom for 2 days. I had to prod and lift her.
So I'm lacing up the shoes and there she is excitedly whining and looking at me with those EYES. So I hooked up the coupler and took both dogs on my 35 minute run. She's already limping but if I laced up my shoes in the next 5 minutes she'd be looking at me begging to go.
What would you do?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goals for 2010

Damn it's really hard to type 2010! I should be used to it because I've been ordering stuff for next year for 6 months. It's still weird.
I've decided to give myself a non-race goal running-wise this year. I'm going to add 1 mile per week to my running schedule. Starting at 15 mpw and by this time next year I'll be running 65 miles per week. Then I'll backdown and do it again.
You see I hate running in the snow and cold. I'm too old and have run too much to need to build character. In my youth I would arise at 4:30am to get in my runs in the cold and dark. Doing 100 mile weeks for years on end makes getting up that early a neccesity. Besides my thought was I usually race in the am; if I'm used to running then it's not a shock to the body. Don't need to do that now. Now I'll be running ~ 35 mile a week in March and more in the daylight and warmth. Sounds like a perfect plan to me. Who knows maybe I'll be able to break the 30 minute barrier for 5K? Then maybe not!
JT, ordering your homo colored shoes today.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have to confess, I am not even a fair weather runner. I am a prfect weathe runner. It bad it's always close to perfect in my basement.
The main reason for my present running situation are my lungs. I have a tough time breathing even sitting typing this. Breathing is not something I normally think about. But on cold dry days it is hard to get a full breath. This started just before my 50th B-day. The goal that year was to run under 5 minutes for a mile. Should be fairly easy for one who ran 4:18 at age 39.But as I trained harder the less lung function I had. At 43 and not running I race Cindy in a 200 to prove a point and easily ran 28sec. At age 50 I couldn't run under 33 without wheezing and hacking for the next hour. It seemed like my lungs had shrunk. Cindy made me a appointment with a pulmonary specialist. Ofcourse I was a bit better than normal But damn I was always towards the front of races and now I suffered to be in the middle. Doctor tells me "well you're not 25 anymore". Duh. Hell I aint even 45 any more. I should be at the top of the lung function chart for my age! I should be winning my age group unless someone really good shows up. But all the meds for asthma and other stuff did nothing. So here I sit 56 years old and can't run outside too often in the winter because the cold/dry/altitude makes me sick. So not too many pics of the beautiful area I live this winter.(and there is only 1 other place I'd live) It's time to embrace the machine downstairs and be fit enough this spring to enjoy my running and watch the mountains green up. Then I win an age group, ha.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

0.5 Hartner

My freind Kris Hartner, owner of Naperville Running Company(the 2009 Running specialty store of the Year), has run 10 miles a day on his treadmill for the last 18 months. He ran some smoking indoor miles,Milrose Masters Mile ect...and was smokinh fast at Hood to Coast in August. Then he got a pelvic stress fracture and his streak will need to start again.

So tonight I did 5 miles on the treadmill thus the 0.5 Hartner. Another possible 0.5 Hartner workout for the next 2 days.

Saw this old boy as I was pulling into my driveway. No wonder we have mountain lions!