Monday, December 28, 2009

And if it tastes good, spit it out.

Another qoute from Jack LaLanne. I'm not sure if I agree with it but hell the man is 95 years old. He opened his first health club in 1936 at age 21. He is a hell of a character!
I'm at work ordering stuff for The Colorado Running Company. I ran the ~ 3 miles from Motor City after dropping off my car. It was 12F and I was wearing my bank robber mask to keep my lungs warm. You shoulda seen the looks on faces when I had to stop and drop a duece at the Toyota dealer. If I didn't run to work I maynot have been able to find the time for a run. But with goals you must be flexible and just get in the time. 2 days into the week and I'm 1/3 of the way to this weeks goal.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And so it begins

Today is the start of my running goal for 2010. Two miles on the treadmill only 13 needed for the rest of the week. I averaged that total a day for ~ 10 years. Should be easy. Monday am I need to drop my car at the dealer for some quick work. I'll run to work from there should be about 4 miles. Then back up to the condo to spend some time with Cindy and PJ. And hoop on the snowboard. Back to work Wednesday for 2 days then back up. Now you know why I wanted to spend winter on the low end of my mileage. Speaking of driving coming down Wilkerson Pass on Christmas night I had to stop for a herd of about 100 elk. They were just standing in the road. I sat stopped for about 5 minutes waiting for them to cross the road. It was really cool seeing so many!
And now a quote from Jack LaLanne age 95
"A lot of people talk about the god old days. Bullshit! The good old days are right this second."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sock Lady

If you want to buy or sell socks to CRC talk to our new sock expert, Maddy.
She is Queen of the sock wall. If you are selling socks be prepared to come to the store and stock your brand! Maddy is one tough sock queen.

Those EYES

How could I not!!!!
Panda our 10+ year old border collie just loves to run. Can't tell you how many times she has been Cindy's training buddy during Cindy's 3 wins and never out of the top 7 at Pikes Peak Ascent. But now she has a bad hip/knee. But she knows when the running shoes get tied it's time to go. Last week I took her out for a flat 5 mile jog. She couldn't get up the 3 stairs to our bedroom for 2 days. I had to prod and lift her.
So I'm lacing up the shoes and there she is excitedly whining and looking at me with those EYES. So I hooked up the coupler and took both dogs on my 35 minute run. She's already limping but if I laced up my shoes in the next 5 minutes she'd be looking at me begging to go.
What would you do?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goals for 2010

Damn it's really hard to type 2010! I should be used to it because I've been ordering stuff for next year for 6 months. It's still weird.
I've decided to give myself a non-race goal running-wise this year. I'm going to add 1 mile per week to my running schedule. Starting at 15 mpw and by this time next year I'll be running 65 miles per week. Then I'll backdown and do it again.
You see I hate running in the snow and cold. I'm too old and have run too much to need to build character. In my youth I would arise at 4:30am to get in my runs in the cold and dark. Doing 100 mile weeks for years on end makes getting up that early a neccesity. Besides my thought was I usually race in the am; if I'm used to running then it's not a shock to the body. Don't need to do that now. Now I'll be running ~ 35 mile a week in March and more in the daylight and warmth. Sounds like a perfect plan to me. Who knows maybe I'll be able to break the 30 minute barrier for 5K? Then maybe not!
JT, ordering your homo colored shoes today.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have to confess, I am not even a fair weather runner. I am a prfect weathe runner. It bad it's always close to perfect in my basement.
The main reason for my present running situation are my lungs. I have a tough time breathing even sitting typing this. Breathing is not something I normally think about. But on cold dry days it is hard to get a full breath. This started just before my 50th B-day. The goal that year was to run under 5 minutes for a mile. Should be fairly easy for one who ran 4:18 at age 39.But as I trained harder the less lung function I had. At 43 and not running I race Cindy in a 200 to prove a point and easily ran 28sec. At age 50 I couldn't run under 33 without wheezing and hacking for the next hour. It seemed like my lungs had shrunk. Cindy made me a appointment with a pulmonary specialist. Ofcourse I was a bit better than normal But damn I was always towards the front of races and now I suffered to be in the middle. Doctor tells me "well you're not 25 anymore". Duh. Hell I aint even 45 any more. I should be at the top of the lung function chart for my age! I should be winning my age group unless someone really good shows up. But all the meds for asthma and other stuff did nothing. So here I sit 56 years old and can't run outside too often in the winter because the cold/dry/altitude makes me sick. So not too many pics of the beautiful area I live this winter.(and there is only 1 other place I'd live) It's time to embrace the machine downstairs and be fit enough this spring to enjoy my running and watch the mountains green up. Then I win an age group, ha.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

0.5 Hartner

My freind Kris Hartner, owner of Naperville Running Company(the 2009 Running specialty store of the Year), has run 10 miles a day on his treadmill for the last 18 months. He ran some smoking indoor miles,Milrose Masters Mile ect...and was smokinh fast at Hood to Coast in August. Then he got a pelvic stress fracture and his streak will need to start again.

So tonight I did 5 miles on the treadmill thus the 0.5 Hartner. Another possible 0.5 Hartner workout for the next 2 days.

Saw this old boy as I was pulling into my driveway. No wonder we have mountain lions!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey day weekend done

Was a good weekend. Got in 3 good runs Thursday 80 minutes Red Rocks Friday 45 minute walk saturday 50 minutes Sunday 80+ minutes in Williams. I may be banned from further IC runs but who cares. I only try to run with IC on Sunday my dog wants to run everyday with me! But this week makes me more excited about my running. I'll make a good effort to get in my 5-6 runs/wk but it will soon be snowboard season :) The goal is to come out of winter in good enough shape to run any distance I want. That would not be anything over 20 miles. Then this spring I'll try and do some faster stuff. Well time for at least 1 glass of wine.
And don't forget Dec 10 CRC holiday party!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

back to it, if only for a day

Had 2 whole days off! It was great. Didn't really get much done just enjoyed a bit of time with'G' and the pups. I smoked a turkey breast for T-Day. It was the best turkey I have ever had. I'd never tried it before and really got lucky. I think my belly is back to big size. Gotta work on that. The runs were good. Red Rocks thursday 80 minutes and just a walk yesterday. My hip was hurting Friday so a walk with Ted it was. 'G' is back to 90% health feeling much better. Now to just keep her under control for a week or 2.
Well, off to the store run this am. 5 miles is on the menu. Tommorrow is the first Incline Club run of the year. And possibly my only run with them :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rest of and the new week

Got a pair of Newton trainers in the mail Thursday. So I ran in the Sir Issac on the treadmill. The new version is much (11.2oz) heavier than the first edition. And it is very toe heavy. It looks to be more durable but time will tell. Newton is going thru some changes and we'll see what happens to their product. The 2 margs I had at the Loop that evening made my decision to walk Friday am easier.
Saturday was a stressful day and I got in no run. It's hard to get out when the sun is down at 3:30pm. And my aversion to running on the roads makes running trails in daylight a must.
Today was a great fun run with the 'J'. Williams Canyon is starting to become snow(ice) packed and this was almost the last run on it till April. I shoulda had screw shoes. Monday is Trinity. Let's hope the dogs don't bite.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Muddy mess

Tonights run with the boys from Colorado Running Company was dark and sloppy.
But the worst it got the better I liked it. Had to stop to potty a couple times and each time in the slop I picked it up. Felt like running XC. I ran in the Nike Lunar Glides KP was nice enough to give me at TRE. My size 9.5 weighed in at a surprising 11.1 oz. I thought these shoes were to be light weight? my bad! But they were still fun to run in and I think they'll be fine on the trails.
Oh and they are BRIGHT GREEN.

hecktic start

Sometimes blogging can be good. I noticed this am that the 'P' was going for a run in the Garden before work; oops that means I was supposed to open The Colorado Running Company! Made it in record time and with seconds to spare. So I get to run with the boys tonight. Or walk with Ted. Thursday's high temp to be in the low 40s. Better get out soon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Freaking dog

Went to Soul Runners at Trinity tonight. Decided to take PJ. Tied her up outside by the door. Every time I checked on her she wa lying quietly on the ground. As we started the run a runner told me PJ had bit her as she walked into Trinity. I mumbled an apology and kicked the dog! Not a great run. Panda will be the dog at the Trinity run from now on.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well the weekends runs are finished. Did 5 on the treadmill last night with a bit of faster stuff inserted during the workout. Got out in the snow today for a trail run but ended up on the roads around the Garden. The trails were making me feel my plantar and I got on the smoother more plowed roads. With the rain/snow yesterday and snow this am the trails were just too slick for me to actually run. The 'PJ' and I were out for ~ 1:45. She needed therun almost as much as I did. With Cindy not running and me gone she has put on more lbs than I have. The sun is out and it's still snowing; might as well make a trip to the Loop.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Home again

With as much or as little as you travel, there is no place like home!
Went to bed last night at 8:38 read for an hour then passed out.
Pups woke me up early and I decided to walk with Ted. Damn I'm glad I can still run AND walk.Was great to get out before our predicted snow hits this weekend. I'll get in 45 minutes saturday then a planned 90 minutes on Sunday. Don't wanna know how far I've gone because it's too damn depressing. Just like thinking about how much fuel the jets used to practice fly-overs for tommorows Air Force football game. They just went past for the 3rd time. Any way another weekend for this fat old guy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


"Been a long time since I rock and rolled"
And a while since I've posted. But I'm back!
Just in from The Running Event in Austin. Good good time. Lots of seminars about how to run the business better; the state of running specialty and looking for new product. NO I was not able to convince Asics to sell us shoes but made progress in that area. Our good buddies at
Naperville Running Company won Store of the Year. The only thing that could be better is if
Colorado Running Company won. Ran a 5K race and broke the magical 30 minute barrier.
It was a good time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imogene Pass Survival run

Well that was fun! Ran as usual no real taper, you have to be training to do that, just took Thursday off but had a good rest of the week. Cindy was much more into my running than I was. What outfit, how many gels, water ect????......Her concern was nice. But I had a plan and was sticking to it. I knew I would be walking a bunch at higher altitude so taking it real easy early would be key. I was hoping to run into one of my freinds who has run this many times as her pace would be honest for me. This is a course where you can legally take short cuts. And I planned to use every short cut. They are steeper than the longer way but they would also make me walk a bit early. After .25 miles of flat the course starts uphill. Took the 2 short cuts and yes they were faster. Saw my freind right after 1 mile and ran chatted with her for the next few miles. She was hurting and I made her run a few sections she would've walked. Things like let's run to that tree; to that big rock. I took pictures along the way as this race is beautiful. (Pikes Peak is also but this area is like a little Switzerland) After 5 miles I left her and saw another freind (coworker of Cindy) who was running his first real race in a while. Cindy had told me his goal was to beat me, HA. He had seen me run the time I bonked on Pikes Peak from no gels. But he's a great guy so I encouraged him as I went by and we ran a bit together. He'd catch up when I stopped to click photos. After 7 miles it gets real steep and rocky and loose. I had to walk/ jog this section. Another mile up and it was all walking. I don't do well at altitude and this is over 13,000' . The plan was walk 100 steps fast ;stop catch breath repeat. I passed a bunch of people doing this and was well within myself at the top.I waited to snap a few photos of my freinds at the top~ 3 minutes gave high fives and headed down the 7 miles to Telluride. I didn't fall!! Saw one poor girl superman fall 100 meters from the pavement. The down is brutal on the quads. I finished and that is that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer is here.

Started my run late today ~ 9:30. Took 2 bottles and gels with me. The H2O was gone in the first hour. I did this same run Tuesday in cool weather without H2O and was fine. Today the HR was 10-15 beats higher than Tuesday. The heat just crushed me. Good thing I let the pups stay home. They would've almost died. Saw Kelly as I was just about to the trailhead and she said it's a hundred degrees out here. Not quite but 82 is hot for us.
Looking to get out earlier this week.
LT 100 was this weekend. Their website sucks ass. It's NOT all about Lance. Update your freaking site for the run. But word is Tony was on CR pace but cramped and dropped. JT had Safai carry him to the finish in 23 hours and then again in 24 hours, Brooks looks like he finished can't find anything else. Did I mention how bad their site is!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Been busy! last weel was PPA/PPM. The race; the expo; the drinking and a bit of running.
The 'G' did great 3rd woman 31st overall to the top. She keeps just cranking out the results at her favorite race. In 14 tries she has never been out of the top 8.
I've been getting in some running myself. Was gonna go real long today but ate something bad for breakfast and only went 90 minutes. Did I say only? It is getting to be the best time of the year in Colorado. Get your as$ out and enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is it July already?

Damn June went fast! But it was good. June was my best running month since Sept '08. And that was just 30 minutes a day but every day. I now have a plan I may b e able to follow. It's 5 days running with 2 workouts and 1 long run. I walk the other 2 days for some kind of activity. My workouts have been 1 minute on/1 minute off for 30 minutes up Barr Taril. The other is 200's on the track. Not many of the 200 but I try to get them to be ASAP. The mountains are slowly opening up and the foothills are still way green. It's been a wet early summer. Till later.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Been a while since I've posted. Got the crud last week and have been hacking 'Lung Cookies' ever since. Just have felt like crap! Had the day off new front door finally here, and decided to just go for it. Sixty-five minutes in Williams. Not as much water as 2 weeks ago but still lots for this time of the year. Whoever wants to see it better get on it. water will soon be gone.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Last weeks jogging was all over the place. Not physically but injurywise. Sunday was a good run Monday and Tuesday were good Thursday off(planned) Friday I was just beatup. Saturday no run. Sunday was awesome. I took the dogs up Williams to Waldo the over to Ute and back to the car. Where 2 weeks ago on my first real long run I really only ran about 2/3 This time I ran almost the whole way. And felt decent. Not good but....Am I getting in shape. Well round is a shape! Barely did anything at all the rest of the day. And last night my hip was so bad I didn't sleep much. I didn't take any vitamin I and suffered for it. Today is off maybe a walk or bike. Tommorrow I'll run 45 minutes up Williams then turn around. The weather calls for a high of 56 and snow/rain mix. It is June afterall!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fun Times at CRC

Today was the "P"s birthday. She is now an Adult as she had to work on her birthday. Welcome to adulthood! She got lots of stuff for me to eat for her day. It is about me after all!!!
Beautiful morning lots of snow on the Peak this morning. Was a great day for a run. Hip hurt like hell may be time for a day off. I just might have big news to report soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We spent the weekend up at the condo in Dillon. Was rainy and still a good bit of snow in shaded sections of north facing trails. But a good time was had. Gotta spend more ime up there!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best

I think I live in one of the best places to be active. Todays run in the Garden in the rain was un beleivable. It's not green here that many months of the year. And today with the rain means it'll be green a bit longer. The bright green against the red rocks is stunning.
I was too tired to do another long run today. But an hour in the Garden was enough to revive me.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For those who live in the Springs we've had our 15 minutes of spring and now it's summer. Meaning it's warm out for us! The weather goes from 38f in the morning to boom 56f at the sametime the nextday. At Colorado Running Company we had heat on Saturday am and AC on Saturday pm. But the days are beautiful. I wanna get out and enjoy much more than my schedule and fittness will allow. Thursday I plan on Williams Canyon again I'll take pics.
Did 5 x's hill today was still sore from the Sunday long run but it went okay. Each was faster the the last but I bagged because I was amazed I could still go faster but at what price. A nice dog walk tonight will make my day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A trip to the bank.

So there I was standing inline to make the CRC deposit; 2 women in front of me.
Woman #1 Oh! What pretty toenails you have.
Woman #2 Thanks I've had them done twice since my baby was born 3 weeks ago.
#1 How many children do you have?
#2 This one makes 3. My oldest is 5. He's out in the car watching the baby now while I deposit my welfare check.
#1 Really he must be a good boy.
#2 Yes he is. But I parked in the fire lane just so he could come get me if anything happens.
The baby is real good never cries. Not like my brothers girlfriends baby. She had hers 2 days before mine. My brothers girlfreind is old, like 35, maybe that's why her baby cries all the time.
Bank Teller: Next
Then I got a good view of #2. 3 week post prego belly. (I got the feeling she was not into her health even before this child) Short short shorts, Jog bra with a mesh football jersy over top with Cutler on the back.

Panda, The Wonder Dog

I decided it was time to bite the big one and do an honest long run. Rampart Range road to Williams Canyon and home. I knew there would be some walking so it was like training for an ultra. Hip be damned I was doing this! And so was my old training buddy Panda. Her hip is about like mine. Hers is from too much sprinting on her path in the backyard. But she still likes make that LOVES to run. It was a great day so off we went. We both suffered a bit up Rampart. I kept my HR under 145. Panda forgot her monitor so she went by feel (my feel). She was sniffing and peeing and having a ball. We both forgot how long it takes to get to the turn-off to Williams. I took 2 h2o bottles 1 for me and 1 for her. They were both done by the turn-off. But she is smart enough to know there are many streams for her to drink and lay in; not so for el Stupido! Not too many shooters at the range and I only saw leaves fall once a good way down from the road. Panda doesn't know the diff between gunfire and thunder so she was more concerned than I. Did I mention she is smart. Williams was soft cool and downhill. I forgot my camera but will bring it next time I go which the plan is for Thursday am. 2 hours and 18 minutes and my old cripple dog had found a cure for her hip. We finished and she immediately found a stick to go fetch. (sound familiar, Matt) And she didn't limp the rest of the day. Neither did I !!!! But it's hard to limp when all you do is lie on the couch.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sure glad I didn't forget my 18th wedding anniversary yesterday! At the O'Neill house there is role reversal many times. I got many months of ammo yesterday.
Had a decent run yesterday. Did it on the treadmill. It was a nice day out but my old taskmaster called to me; "Do something hard". And I did. Even with the beautiful weather I have a hard time just going out and plodding everyday. Why do I feel I need to accomplish a workout? I need to be more doglike and just enjoy each moment. Time to go drink from the toilet.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why O Why

Many things going on in chubbyland. Running has been going okay; nothing special. Been getting in 5-6 days a week. Ran some good trails in New Mexico a couple weeks ago. Had good food and drink and lots of it. It was good to get away. That maybe the only time this summer.
I had "one of those day" last week. Stupid people really bothered me. It started with the guy smoking in the wheelchair begging for money.I got pissed when I saw him get into his nice car after putting the chair in the trunk and walking to the drivers door. Everything else after that just tweaked my ass. If you are so damn smart why do you smoke? Hope this week is better!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I hate running......

early in the morning that is. I ran this am at 5:45. Thought I would run into the garden group and maybe see as close to wolrd class runner as I know JT. But he prob has some lame ass excuse like he was tired from a 50 or he had to be in Denver. None the less it was not fun getting up before the crack of dawn. I need to get up at 2:30 am to be feeling good enough to jog by 5:30. But unfortunately this will be the only time I can rally count on MY time to run. I hate running...... before 3:00pm

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy White Easter

It is snowing harder now than it has all season! Must be Easter Sunday. I've seen more 'white' Easters than I have 'white' Christmases. Since I've been up to feed dogs, make coffee,clean kitchen and start blogging my car went from clear to covered bt .5". Should make for an interesting day.
Hope springs as yesterday I took a tennis ball and rolled it on my hip and very tight hip flexor. Almost instant reduction in discomfort. Yossa only been 2+ years. Can hardly wait to do more today.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to the future

Why can't I remember things that seemed to work for me. In my youth I would work till 7pm and go run after that for my second run of the day. What got me thru that late night run?
Now last week I started to have a small cup before my afternoon jogs. It works. Why couldn't I remember. Coffee is better than a nap and takes less time. A nap then coffee would be ideal but..
Training or jogging has been going which is good. Ran 50 minutes tonight was a struggle but made it. Thanks Gordo and Rich.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Too Full

And that ain't my belly! The days are just packed with stuff to do. Building some new stuff for the store and painting windows in the house plus all the other shit I have to do. I'd better get up early and get some exercise.
Had a good run yesterday ~50 minutes thru Red Rocks. I found a new short cut to the trail from the house. It's a much steeper climb up the backside of Crystal Hills. Oh boy a steeper hill; what the hell am I thinking? The short cut makes a 65 minute run about 50. And till I really get fit I guess I'll have to climb. Ran again tonight just a 30 mnute recovery jog. I still sweated! So it musta been a workout. This weeks goal is every day! And No Wheat! (lucky peanut M & M's are gluten free)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Springtime

The snow is gone and it'll be 60 when I jog sometime soon. The trails are a bit muddy and I just got a new pair of NB 904s. Better get them broke in and muddy. The hills still have a bunch of snow. Actually thought about snowboarding today but a 63 hour work week just killed my old fat ass. I'll not do that this week!!! I think a run thru Red Rocks is on the docket! Later.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time flies

Think I've won the war with the woodpecker. But then again there is snow on the ground and no birds in the air. We'll see.
Didn't get a chance to jog yesterday. DAMN. Was gonna last night but due to things beyond my realm of control I didn't get home till after 9:15. A freaking 12.5 hour workday. I do love my job but I also love the fantasy I have about having a personal life. I also ate like crap yesterday,lots of wheat, and now feel like said food from yesterday. I just hope it does it's job soon and makes a turd. We are expecting a big snow storm today. We need it badly. Right now there is just a dusting of white stuff and the sun is peaking thru some scattered clouds. Hope we get a bunch of the white stuff.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

John vs Woody(pecker)

Couple weeks ago I heard a faint hammering in the nieghborhood. Turns out a woodpecker was making a hole in the siding above my garage. Another thing breaking into my house. But I may be able to control this thing. I blocked the hole with more wood; that lasted 2 days. Then I saw a program about rat control. Wire mesh now covers the area surrounding the hole. Been 3 days and no sign of the bird. Victory!??
Speaking of breakins here are the humans(?) that stole my stuff

Running is going good. Easy days and hard days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Haven't posted in a bit, I know it's been bugging you. Works been busy and with no computer at home well........Been getting in the workouts since Sunday. Nothing to write mom about (Oh she coulldn't read the anyway) A walk and run aday. I've been stretching my hamstrings a bunch and that always makes my back feel so much better. So much for the fitness or lack of in my life.
On the home front; I may find out Friday what the Insurance company may give us. My neighbors sold their very small house in a day for a lot more money than I thought they would get. value is $285,000 and they got $368,000. Good for me and our house value. Location location. Oh another home front I've been hearing hammering during the late morning. A freaking woodpecker(head) has bored a 6" hole into my attic. I gotta replace that siding now. Lots of $hit to do. I'd better get on it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's Summer; NOT.

Colorado has been seeing near record high temps. Great for the jogging; horrible for the boarding. Last week everything caught up to me. I was real sore from the 6 miles on Sunday followed by 5 miles and 4 miles. Wednesday I ran outside with some people I coach and it was pure hell. The lack of moisture and dust flying around made me wheeze like a smoker on a transAtlantic flight. Inside I don't have that problem much less dust.
Sunday was the"G"s 47th b-day. (and just last week she won a race overall!!). She requested a weekend up at the condo skiing. We had a great time. Quads were a bit sore on Mondays run but not too horrible. The big thing is the bruize on my fat ass. I fell twice coming off the lift because of the same stupid people. The first time I fell I told these resort employees they should move further from the lift. The second time I fell on my binding and hard. Nice purple spot. I'll see if i can post a pic. Didn't really effect my running but what will it cause too hurt later?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back at it.

Gonna buy an automatic weapon for every room in the house. Cindy will certainly shot my ass one night coming into the bedroom. Can't say as I'd blame her. I can't stand to look at myself naked either.
Well that is over 'cept for dealing with insurance. I refuse to let crap like this interfer with my PMA (puppy mental atitude). We will be extra careful for a bit as the criminals know we have new stuff.
Training stuff:
Friday deal with burglary shit.
Sat. Good run on the 'mill at The Colorado Running Co. 1 minute on 1 off
Sunday 6.02 miles with2 on 2 off.
I feel good about that. Next week will ROCK.

Friday, February 20, 2009

What to do ?

Imagine no computer, no TV at home. That's what we have since someone took all our stuff. Got home ~ 3:00pm Thursay to grab a dog and go boarding. But hmmm... screen door was open no biggie! Sometimes it just doesn't get shut. The Front door is open DAMN we've been robbed. TV both computers snowboard and misc stuff. The gods just want to keep me off the slopes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What the *&%+*#@!

I had a 5+ mile workout this am! I warmed up .5 miles walking then ran 7.5 mph(8mm) and walked 3.9 (15.1mm) for the rest of the hour. I am encouraged. No real pain in the toes; I felt them occassionally but just to the point I was aware of them. The blueness has almost gone. Still leary of running outside so I'll stick to the safe surface of the treadmill for the rest of the month. Heck I may get in 25+ miles this week. Yippee!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

No "Come back" for me.

To come back you had to have been somewhere. I've never really been. So I can't comeback. I classify myself more as a "never was". I never was very good. I never crossed the finish line at Boston. Oh I've won some $ and a few plane tickets but.... as a matter of fact in 1988 I took Cindy to Sante Fe NM for Valentine's Day for our first trip together with some tickets I won. I am always reminded of that fact, a never was, when I think of my training partners. And they can make come backs but they don't want to. I had to call one up week after seeing her pic in an old RW. I will have to get in shape before I call again. She could tell how fat I was just over the phone.
So here I go on another new plan to get my fat ass in a shape other than round. I've got till April 28 till I see some other old pals in Monterrey CA. One just ran a 1:14 HM at age 46. THe other brother is always in shape. He'll prob run 17:00 for 5K at age 53. I need to get somewhere in the 20's and not 30's by then.
Nice run JT and Gordo in Austin. JT 3:04 and Gordo 3:46.09 (only 10secs from his goal) Shouldn't have stopped to pee!

Friday, February 13, 2009

What's wrong with todays joggers

Beer, nudity banned in Bay to Breakers race
Heather Knight, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, February 12, 2009
(02-11) 20:29 PST -- Like banishing beads and masks from Mardi Gras or removing the red carpet and gold statues from the Academy Awards, the banning of floats, beer and nudity at this year's Bay to Breakers will take all the fun out of it, many longtime revelers say.
City leaders and sponsors of the 98th annual wacky footrace announced several major changes Wednesday that detractors say will turn the over-the-top, only-in-San Francisco party into a 12K footrace like any other race in any other city in the world.
At the May 17 event, police will cite or arrest anybody openly drinking alcohol or appearing to be drunk, and will physically remove floats and any other items on wheels like shopping carts with kegs in them, officials declared.
People dressed in oversized costumes must run at the back of the pack, walkers must stay to the right while runners stay to the left, and no in-line skates, bicycles or skateboards are allowed. Nudity is not allowed, though police said they aren't planning to issue citations for indecent exposure.
At least the Elvis costumes can stay.
Gabrielle Harris, a 29-year-old publicist who lives in San Rafael, has run the race three times and called the changes devastating.
"We all kind of leave our hearts in San Francisco, and Bay to Breakers is a huge part of the reason," she said. "It's one of the most amusing and unique events I've ever experienced."
Amusing to participants, yes. But increasingly not so fun for neighbors along the route that stretches from the Embarcadero to Ocean Beach.
Leela Gill, a board member of the North of Panhandle Neighborhood Association who lives on Baker Street, said she loves the race and has watched from the sidelines - often on a couch carried outside - for 20 years. But last year was out of control, she said.
"People were vomiting, drinking and throwing trash along the route," she said. "The Panhandle itself was trashed, and the neighborhood around the Panhandle was trashed. Residents were shocked at the disrespect people showed."
500 Porta Potties
Sponsors last year put 500 Porta Potties along the route, 100 more than the previous year. But still, participants relieved themselves anywhere, including the sides of buildings, front yards and throughout Golden Gate Park. Mayor Gavin Newsom beseeched the group before the race to clean up after itself, but sponsors say 35 tons of trash - including huge floats - were left behind.
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, whose district includes much of the race's route, called the crackdown "severe but possibly necessary as a result of the catastrophe of the last two years."
Nathan Ballard, press secretary for Newsom, said the mayor "supports quirkiness and zaniness" but that he was fully supportive of the crackdown.
"We're going to back the Police Department on this one," he said. "You're still going to be allowed to dress as Michael Phelps taking a bong hit or whatever suits your fancy, but we're trying to reduce some of the health and safety problems that have been impacting the neighborhood in recent years."
But fans of the race weren't buying the claim that Bay to Breakers will retain any of its heart or flair. At least one blog, a Web site and four Facebook groups were formed Wednesday to protest the changes. One Facebook group called "SAVE the BAY to BREAKERS!!!!!!!" had close to 400 members by Wednesday evening.
You can number Zach Berke, a 29-year-old Richmond resident, as among the most outraged. He's helped organize 400 to 500 friends and acquaintances for a party-within-party for the past few years.
"It's the floats we really feel are key," he said. He and his friends have started a Web site - - where they encourage people to divest their money from ING, the race's main sponsor.
Many fans upset
Many fans said this is one more example of San Francisco events becoming boring or getting quashed altogether, especially following the cancellation of the Castro's Halloween party, which became marred by violence. By contrast, nobody was arrested during the Bay to Breakers festivities last year.
Elizabeth Archer, a 27-year-old Seattle resident, had planned to visit the city for a week in May to help her friends build a float and run the race in a toga. She's seen her friends' pictures for years and has always wanted to participate, but she's canceling her trip.
"No one's going to visit for a standard G-rated parade," she said. "People don't travel to cities just for footraces. The spirit's just gone."
Who to call
Want to share your thoughts on the changes to Bay to Breakers?
Race organizers:
Mayor Gavin Newsom:
Police Department:
For more information on the changes, go to
Bay to Breakers by the numbers
7.46 Number of miles in length of course
60,000 Number of participants last year
500 Porta Potties along the 2008 route, 100 more than in 2007
35 Tons of trash left behind
E-mail Heather Knight at

This is (was) a great fun race. Joannie was the first woman to beat the cenntepide and she carried lobster mitts with her to cook the 'pede. That's an Olympic gold medalist having fun with the race!! It was one of my first races in the Bay area.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Looking out the windows at The Colorado Running Company this morning makes me want to go try running. I've worked 34 hours in the past 3 days and will try not to work too much past noon today. Red Rocks or The Garden trails are calling me. Supposed to get some snow later today and Friday. I'd better get out and ejoy the sunshine. But running in fresh snow, the crunch underfoot, is sweet. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What's the world coming to?

GENEVA - Naked mountain hikers in the Swiss canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden will in future face on the spot fines of 200 Swiss francs ($170), Swiss daily Tages-Anzeiger reported over the weekend.
A wave of naked hiking — particularly popular with German visitors — outraged people last year in the traditionally minded canton, Switzerland's smallest by population, which gave women the vote only in 1990.
"We must protect our children from these immoral habits," the paper quoted Melchior Looser, head of the cantonal justice and police department, as saying.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Diet and workouts

Been on the indoor trainer recently; I am completely out of shape. Or the shape I am in is real round. Time to do supem bout it. I'm back on the wheat free kick. And minimum 30 minutes a day on the bike. Prob ~ 3-4 weeks before my toes are ready to run.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am really missing out on some good sunshine. The days have been cool and sunny. The sun at 6800' is more intense than sea level. A 40F day with sun can feel 10-15 degrees warmer. I tried walking for a workout on Sunday but decided to stop. I was just not feeling right mechanically. My toes ache but don't really hurt unless I move them in certain directions. Better to let them heal so I don't cause other things to go wrong. As soon as I can get a cycling shoe on comfortablely I'll ride inside.
For those of you wanting to move to Manitou, you know who you are, the house next to mine will be for sale shortly. That should scare you away!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No boarding

Damn, I listened to the voice of reason and did not go boarding. Guess now I'll have to clean the house and go for a walk. Joggers sure have some ugly feet!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Finally a break!

The headline looks good but.... as I was walking downstairs to finish my mileage for the day I fell. Hurt my foot good and this morning confirmed what I thought; I broke my little toe! It was seriously black and blue this morning. It is on my left foot which is my lead leg on the snowboard. I am concerned about trying to board this Sunday.
The positive side is this is the same toe that started my downward spiral with my running. Hope it has come full cycle.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Snowed all day at Vail. The back bowls were great but a bit crowded. More snow Sunday.

Friday, January 23, 2009


After too much work and a bit of running and walking I am off to the mountains to snowboard. Cindy sent me a email that it was snowing in Summit County. Vail here we come. But I gotta get in 5 miles the next 2 days for my 20 for the week. I actually ranin the Garden yesterday it wa beautiful out. Calf is a bit sore today but the am walk was good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a knew day

So today the world changes ?? All our problems will go away! I'm not that cynical but I am that old. Yes today there is HOPE that change for good will happen. I fear it will come about as fast as my return to fittness. It could be a long haul with many setbacks along the way. But you gotta keep your eye on the goal and keep plugging away.
I actually got a chance to run outside twice over the weekend. The weather in the mid-40s to high 50s was great. I have hope that come February I can start my 30 minutes a day. I will try and keep the walking in the program just to have more activity. I rode the commuter bike to work yesterday and musta looked like a homeless person riding along in a down jacket and wool cap. Maybe I'm getting ready for that change : )

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's still dark out.

I find it very hard to go fo a jog in the early morning darkness; how about you?
The week has been pretty good so far. I only need 7 miles in the next 2 days to meet the goal. The 'G' went up skiing last night so I was in bed with just dogs last night. Probably a good thing as my plantar decided about 11pm to just tighten up. It would made the '60s song proud "do the tighten up' some of you may remember that song.
Reebok is giving up on the specialty running chain. Not that The Colorado Running Company will miss them, but I used to run for the Reebok Aggies, it's a sign of the times. What that means is that some people who are passionate about the sport we all love are out of work. Running is a small world. Light a candle for these guys and girls.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Keep this quiet; it is sunny and 50f out today. The Texans think 50f is cold but at 6800' the sun is so warm. Gonna get off the treadmill and outside for a jog today. Maybe even in shorts.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'am getting back into the swing of the workouts. We'll see how long I can make this latest committment hold. 'Cept for the days on the snowboard I'm getting in at least an hour of some sort of movement. The plan is 20 m/week + 40-50 on the bike + the core excersise 2/week.
When you move as slow as I am this crap takes a bunch of time. Yesterday I did 1.5 miles with a 1 mile run in the am; last night was 2.5 miles watching 24 while walking the show and running the commercials. This beats just sitting on my ass and watching the show. This am was a 2 mile walk @ 3.5mph and that took a good 35 minutes. Tonight will be a 2 mile run and 12 mile bike on the trainer doing the 'secret bike workout'. The bike is still killing my ass but the more time I spend on the saddle the better my ass will like it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

can't catch a break

Yesterday I rode the bike in the am. Nothing too strenuous. Really just getting my ass calloused up for future rides. and i was gonna walk/run last night at the Colorado Running Company social run. But ....... I'm walking to the front of the store and my shin screams at me ??? wtf and it does it again Came home and the damn thing was still not right. So far 2009 is testing me.

It is hell heard last night Ted is gonna have to get a hip replacement. So his whining is a bit more called for than mine :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to the grind

Wouldn't call it training but I have been doing ~ 65 minutes of bike/walk/ run/ weights core stuff for the past few days. Trent B gave me a McMillan core dvd and it is kicking my wel-ass well core. Most of the excersises are like palaties but more focused on stomach low back and hips. If I don't have a six-pack in a week I'll stop doing the dvd. The 'G' and I are discussing going to Monterey in April for BSIM but NOT doing the marathon. There is a 10.6 and 9 mile option. And a few runs at sea level in Nicsene would be just what the Dr ordered. Gotta see if I can use miles and get a cheap room.
Oh I almost forgot

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year; I think

Don't you just hate it when you forget your user id or password or both?
That's what has been happening to me alot lately. Was up snowboarding over New Years. Went to Beaver Creek and Vail. Good times.