Sunday, June 27, 2010

Almost July

Been a bit but NO News is good right? Lots going on and all of it very exciting.
First Tony K finished 2nd at Western yesterday after battling for the lead all day. Could he have won if he ran his race? Maybe that was his race. He'll be at CRC the Saturday before BTMR so come ask. Or you'll have to beleive me.
I got a pair if Air Pegasus 27 and let me tell you, I feel energized by these shoes. You would think I was running barefoot or something because I haven't felt this way about a shoe or my running in a while. This shoe has just enough of everything that I need. I want to go run in this shoe. Say what you will about the barefoot people and I am not one of them but ask me about this shoe!
Speaking of barefoot running lets see how many of these 'natural' runners are still running after 42 years. I started running at 14 now I'm 56 and feel new life.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've come to a realization; I can't run @ MVP. There is something there that kills my lungs.
I tried last night again and my lungs were almost okay but my skin was itching so bad from all the pollen. Tonight a run in the Garden was great! Lungs fine skin okay. Must be something @ MVP.