Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Something NEW

Jogged up to the track yesterday. Nothing really planned. It has just been 2-3 years since I tried to turn my legs over faster than 10 minute pace. The trails and vertical really tend to shorten your stride. I wore a pair of light weight trainers. That's another first in a long time. I have been wearing Hoka One One shoes for shock absorption on hip and back. You have to remember I'll turn 60 in 2013. So just keeping moving is the goal.  I ended up just doing a few strides to try and remember how to move. Nothing blazing fast but some stuff under 7. I was concerned about hpow I would feel last night and this morning but so far nothing out of the ordinary. I'll see how I feel and perhaps start adding strides after most runs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


More snow on Pikes Peak this week than all of December and January. That will lessen the fire danger a little. The dogs have been getting me up early, 5:30. If I were a morning type person I'd go run. But I've logged too many miles before dawn in my life. I now need coffee and the bathroom before I head out. PM jogging is much more pleasurable.