Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't F with CRC

the last week was good. Running probably 17 miles but I'll take it because the freaking pollen has been killing me. Didn't sleep 2 night because I could breathe. The Afrin, nettie pot and alleve got me thru the rest of the week. Running clears my nose up but when you want to stab your eyes with an ice pick it's hard to want to run. It's scary that it's March and my neighbors flowering plum tree is blooming. This summer may be a Beavus and Butthead re-run of 'FIRE'!

The North Colorado Running Company caught a crook Tuesday night. The ass-hole had written $400 worth of bad checks to the Tejon CRC. I did a Google search and found he had outstanding warrants in Pueblo. After trying to call him; I looked up his purchases in our 'Rewards Program'.
I sent him a email letting him know he had hit the rewards cap and to come in to claim them. Emailed the staff with his picture and warned them about what to do. So the idiot shows up with his wife(?). Rachel calls the cops. She is the real hero here. Takes the cops 45 minutes to show but she keeps them entertained. Not that it was that hard they were very stoned. Cops come arrest him but can do nothing for her. She gets in her car to leave and it runs out of gas in the freaking parking lot. She walk in King Soopers. I get the idea to go tell them not to take her check. When I see her she has on the shoes that were purchased with the bad check (account closed). Me "I want my shoes" Her "What" Me "You purchased those with a bad check, give me my shoes" Her " Then I'll have to walk barefoot" Me "SO" and off come the shoes. Can't sell them but we may frame his picture and copies of the bad checks and hang the shoes under them. The arresting cop had the line of the night. " in this neighborhood if it looks like shit and smells like shit; it is! Call us."


Chris Leon said...

That is such a great story

Sammie Girl said...

That is to good!!!!