Sunday, April 22, 2012


I can't believe the last 10K at London today, 31:30. FOR THE WINNING WOMAN. That time would win most road 10K overall! Men and women. This level of dedication to run fast is un matched. I can remember usually beating the lead woman in most of my races. But WOW.
 When you are trying to race as fast as possible the work must be done. Day in Day out no days off. A day off is a 6-10 mile day of easy running. Oh but you have to do your strides after the run. These racers may have gone out this afternoon for a run just to loosen up. Tomorrow will be an easy hour and then maybe that for the rest of the week. But if they came thru healthy they will be back at it in 2 weeks. That is the work it takes. Been there done that. St George Marathon is on Saturday and I remember almost racing 10 miles on Monday. I only got in 90 miles the week after. Then it was back to 105-115 miles a week. And I was just a hack runner back in the '80s. There are no short cuts for running. You must work to improve. If that is your goal. Thankfully I'm still just a hack jogger now.

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